Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Burn the fat, just like that

I have dreamt of a fabulous body since my childhood. Having a strong, muscular physique seemed to be a childhood fantasy imitated from Hollywood heroes. But with age ,I have realised that a sound body is not only about looking macho or heroic. A fit and slim body is a great confidence booster in all spheres of life.

I am an average guy with a few extra pounds of fat on my body. I was aiming to lose around 12kgs. But I was unable to reduce it because of a number of reasons. My day time job which involves sitting on a chair for long hours , with very little movements. By lunchtime, I felt too hungry to discriminate between healthy and unhealthy foods. When I returned home I was tired and just sat infront of the television. I almost hated to wake up in the mornings and do any sort of exercise.

I was looking for a way to be slim, but one that would suit my hectic lifestyle, without pushing me too much. I had read certain health and fitness reviews on different magazines and websites. But few are of practical help. Then I came across this e-book called "Fat Burning Furnace". What a funny name, I thought. But after going through the website, I decided to give it a try. It promises a lot of things, but lets see for myself , I thought.

I should say that I was lucky enough to get to the right program quite fast. The author Rob Poulos offers a goldmine of useful facts and simple, easy-to-use guidelines for around $40. Whats most amazing that the program does not restrict the user from eating his/her favourite foods. There is a surprising list of 51 foods and diets which actually help reduce fat. You have to devote around 30 mins a week . You are almost guaranteed to experience the results within the first two weeks.

This program is a relief from strict and rigid exercise schedules. The list of 22 exercises are unique yet simple enough. I really appreciated the photographic demonstration of each and every exercise. A great nutritional tip to prevent people from overeating has been provided.

The results are very much measurable. I used to measure them with a measuring tape and a weght-scale. To my delight, I had lost 8 kgs within a month ! I was happy, but a few questions came to my mind -- is this change permanent , does it have any side-effects ?

Well, now I exercise around 20 mins a week and it has been six months since I first started it. Not only am I slimmer (with very little effort, I must admit) but my energy levels are at a sky-high. I feel much less tired when I come back home after a hectic day at work. My wife used to complain that I never help her with any household work. She is now happy because she often finds me going around the house with a hoover , which is all due to my new-found energy !

Want to lose 10-12 kgs within a month ? Looking for a slimming/weight loss program that really works and works fast ? Are you as sick and tired with all the fat loss gurus, fitness hype and conflicting information on TV and the Internet?

Check this out and see if it can help you. I am sure it will work for most people with hectic work committments and little time to spare .

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